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2009 – Wicklow 200

A quick update on having completed the Wicklow 200 event.

Stats for the actually route are as follows:

Distance: 192.81KM
Time: 9:45:29 (Timer didn’t stop while I went in to checkin so is actually 9:30)
Avg Speed: 19.8
Calories: 9192
Climbing: 2228.2M

The whole day consisted of starting at 04:44 (yes am) and getting home at 18:26. Total saddle time of 11hours 50 minutes. Saddle time doesn’t include the puncture stop about 50km in. Around this time, a spoke nipple popped on my front wheel. Since I know the affects of this, I rode on. Everything was fine except for the brakes pulling somewhat, oh and a pretty bad shake in the bike on the down hills at speed.

Over all a really great day. Highly recommend it for anyone who is into cycling. It is hard work. The first 144km were fine. The next 45km were by far the hardest bit of cycling I have ever done in my entire life. However the last 5-6km where great and cycling into UCD and having people clap as I finished with some other people really was great. Amazing pick up feeling.

Also a great big thank you to the organisers. I know some people did have trouble but for me everything went smooth. Check in was fine and the stops were nicely done. I did start off at 6am so maybe I missed the main rush as each one. We did pass through Kilbride before it has actually opened.

Edit: It turns out that I managed to kill the clincer part of a section of my tyre. Explains the bumping I had on the day but means the bike it out of action until a new tyre arrives.