An Post – Meath Heritage Cycle Tour

So Sunday the 5th of June so mew take part in the Tour of Meath and was it a surprise from the W200 event. Firstly a big thanks to the organisers. Other than the food stops, my food only went down twice (once when I stopped to take off my jacket). Marshalls everywhere including the traffic core. I’m sure that if I was faster, the whole way around would have been with traffic stopped everywhere.

The only downside to the event, and shared by others I spoke to who did the 160km route, was the distance between the second and third waterstops. It was longer than the other gaps and also was about 8km after the point it was meant to be at. Gave a distance of 78km between the two I think. Where most days I’d have managed this, due to it starting to rain coming out of the second stop and my jacket going on, I burnt through half of my two bottles within 10km until I stopped and took off my jacket.

Either way, overall the day was amazing. Food was plentiful as were the muffins! Yes, you read that right, they had muffins. Only cake would be better but I can’t for the life of me figure out how they’d manage that one. Contrast this to the W200 where they were more concerned with stopping the occasional person who didn’t pay from getting food, to feeding those who did. OK so the numbers are a different scale, 250 vs 1800, but there is always ways to sort these things.

Stats for the day below but this was one for the records. Even with losing additional weight since the W200, even Calories burnt was higher.

Route Stats
Total distance:  162.61km
Total time: 7:22:59
Ride time: 6:20:02
Calories Burnt: 7,189
Avg Speed: 22km/h

Day Stats
Total distance: 252.89km
Total time: 11:34:08
Calories Burnt: 10843
Avg Speed: 21.9km/h