About Me

Who am I?

I’m Stephen Ryan (blogs name gives it away I’m sure). Making an about turn of sorts in school, I decided to head on the path of computers doing Computer Applications in DCU for my collage degree. While I may not work primarily as a programmer, I still do quite a bit of programming. My main skill set it around System Administration.

I own and run Vade Internet Solutions, an Irish Web Hosting Company which started a few years back while in collage. It has now expanded out quite a bit with more to go. It has provided me with a huge insight to how businesses actually work since I get to do lots of tasks I didn’t even know existed before. I’d highly recommend trying your hand at business at least once in some shape or another.

Outside of work I jump between different hobbies over time. Currently it is cycling. Past ones (some I’ll hopefully do again) include Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Hiking and I’m still active enough with my Photography. Not unlike most in the field of computers, I quite enjoy doing most of the things I do work wise so partly count them as a hobby.

My Cycling

A lot of the posts are cycling related. I spend quite a bit of time on my bike. Currently I’m a member of Swords Cycle Club and have started racing, my first result being a good one.

Why am I here?

Blogging started as a way to force myself into actually sitting down and spending time to write different things. Like a lot of people this meant reviewing different things I had bought or gotten my hands on. So far I’ve taken the approach of trying to write the kind of articles that I wish I’d read *before* buying the products in question. I’ve also branched out to include computer tech things, and some general cycling things. Some may serve as a reminder for me but I’ll generally try to include information I think others may find useful.

Hopefully over time I’ll develop some sense of direction and be able to talk about things in a coherent manner.

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