Tacx Slipping Tyre Problem

So last year I bought a Tacx Fortius turbo trainer to try get some experience of the big hills in the Alps. All for La Marmotte which was completed in the Summer. Shortly after buying it, I did sign up to a trainer and that had me out on the road a lot more than I expected so it didn’t get used all too much. But enough to learn the pain and also enough to get to the tyre slipping problem.

The problems

Unless you have perfectly balanced power output through 360degress of your pedal stroke (and you don’t, no matter what you think), then under heavy power, usually on hills, the tyre starts jumping or slipping.

Even the trick of moving the roller to the tyre, then three and a half turns didn’t sort it for me.

The Solution

Degreaser. No seriously.

The suggestion came from Fisher Outdoor, Tacxs reseller in the UK. Degrease the roller wheel on the motor to remove any rubber, dirt or grease. Clean thoroughly at the end. Then degrease the tyre too, same deal.

Honestly, I didn’t think it’d do much but wow. I have been able to cycle without any slipping, even at really low cadences. Even standing out of the saddle at low cadence is working fine, no slip what so ever. Almost like glue on the wheel.

Try it and let me know if it helps you too.

5 thoughts on “Tacx Slipping Tyre Problem”

  1. Thank you!!! I’ve been having the same problem. Must have had dirty tires. The degreaser worked like a charm!

  2. I’m having the same problem…. What degreaser would you recommend? Might be a silly question but I have no idea!

  3. Excellent tip. On ly second use of the FOrtius with rubino tyres (they grip) I had slippage above 220w going up the Madonne. It seemed to get worse over time which backs up your comments. In fact I tightened further the roller to the wheel and the lever snapped, luckily in the on position. I have just ordered a new ever and a Tacx tyre, BUT I will also follow your degreaser approach after each run. This clearly makes sense, and I dont know why Tacx dont have it in the user guide!!!! Thanks

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