Windows Hyper-V VM Failed To Start

So today while trying to reboot a server in Hyper-V I came across a lovely little problem. The machine shut down fine. I changed the network settings to give it a static mac address. Hit start and wam. VM failed to start.

A quick check showed that there was enough memory available. There should have been since I just shut down the machine anyway. The event log gave nothing useful. An error code of 0xC0000142 got nothing useful in Google (at time of writing). and the error in Hyper-V gave a more details of Vm failed to start then the machine ID. Way to go Microsoft on that error message.

Anyway after getting nowhere on google for about 10 minutes, I tried to restart the machine and it just started. Nothing changed either. Since this VM isn’t in production yet, the outage didn’t really matter, but 10 minutes is a hell of a long time for “something” to happen in the background so you can restart a VM. Hopefully R2 will fix these issues.

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